What I do.

This is a way to tell people what I do for a living, using only the ten hundred words that are used most often.

I think the idea is important, and fun. It came from xkcd. Thanks to Randall Munroe for it, and to the Up-Goer Five Text Editor.

I write things that make computers work for people.

I try to make those things fast, easy to use, hard to break, and easy to change without breaking.

I made a few things that lots of people all around the world use for fun, and some things that a smaller number of people use for work.

Sometimes I made the whole thing, but I usually help other people make it, or make just some parts.

I like to work out hard problems with computers, whether those problems are with understanding what people want, or making the computer do what I want in the best way.

I enjoy helping people understand computers better, especially people that already work with computers and want to learn more.